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Our beautiful community of Whitemud Ridge is situated in southwest Edmonton and is bordered by  Whitemud Creek Ravine, 23 Avenue, Rabbit Hill Road, and the TransAlta Powerline.

Nestled within our boundaries is the unique Hodgson's Wetland, a protected permanent wetland which provides critical nesting and breeding habitat for waterfowl.  Hodgson's Wetland is home to shorebirds such as killdeer, mallards, yellow warbler, black-capped chickadee and house wren, just to name a few.  The wetland also supports various amphibians.


As a property owner in Whitemud Ridge you are automatically a member of the WRHA by order of an encumbrance registered on your title.  The encumbrance authorizes WRHA to collect an annual which is used to maintain current assets, such as the timber bridges, wooden viewing deck, retaining walls, and the entranceway features.   Monies collected go towards preserving these features as well as installing additional amenities to further enhance the community.  Fees go towards turf maintenance, flower bed upkeep, and limited fence repairs, as well as the administration and operation of the association.


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Whitemud Ridge Homeowners Association

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