Q. What does the Whitemud Ridge Homeowner's Association do? 

A. The primary purpose of the Association is to fund and maintain structural improvements as installed by the Developer and maintain open spaces to a higher standard than that is provided by the City of Edmonton.  


Q. Do I have to join the Whitemud Ridge Homeowners Association?   

A. Membership in the WRHA is mandatory.  Encumbrances were placed on title to ensure the WRHA would have the ability to collect annual fees allowing the Association to fulfill their objectives.      

Q.  How much are the annual fees and how can I pay them?   

A.  The Association fees are $108.00 for single family homes, and $36.25 for bare-land condos.  Payment by check and e-transfer are accepted.     

Q.  Who is responsible for landscape maintenance?   

A.  While it is the City of Edmonton's responsibility to maintain all open spaces and boulevards, WRHA augments the city's services by engaging landscape contractors.      

Q. Who is responsible for snow-clearing?   

A.  Snow-clearing is the sole responsibility of the City of Edmonton.  If you have concerns in this area, please contact the city at 311.

Q.  What is the stain colour for the wooden fences?

A.  The stain colour is Cloverdale Whitemud Ridge Fawn.